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1 in 3 of 7.8Billion global population suffer without access to safe drinking water. 650 million global population does not have access to improved water source. 1.2 million deaths occur every year due to unsafe water source. Increased global population, Expansion of Urban settlement, underdeveloped conventional Industry water usage, natural depletion of Ground Water resources, Climate Change, Un regulated and unregistered Water Contamination by Civil and Industrial segment made the Safe, improved, Treated Water a new commodity. Water Treatment Industry flooded with Ultra Risks and Challenges from Natural Climate Change, Drought, Wildfire, Flooding, to man made Implanting Hydro-Electric dams in water stressed location. Unregulated urban expansion, unplanned Industrial water management could wreck the Global Supply Chain and Logistics and create Economical and Geo-Political tensions. National and Regional Government’s budget tuned to the Water Industry is way below the need of the hour. This will place most of the countries in Water Stressed location before 2030. Privatization is the most promising option to rescue the Globe from Water Crisis and turn into Life saving commodity and create multiple jobs. Qane Investment acknowledging this global challenge and vowed to be one of the Pioneering Investment Firms adhering to United Nations SDG-06 Goal “Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all”.  Providing Safe and affordable drinking water; improve water quality, waste-water-treatment and safe reuse, increase water use efficiency & ensure freshwater supplies, implement IWRM-Integrated Water Resource Management and protect Water bodies ecosystem.

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Qane investment strategically formulate Investment in Water Treatment, Improve Industry with capacity building program for sick units, enable and develop mechanized automation, artificial intelligence with multi fold enhanced industrial production merge with low operational cost. Our Research and Marketing team arm the Investment strategy of operational expansion to Supply Chain and Logistics of Safe and Improved Drinking Water in the Middle Eastern region and beyond. We sustain the quality of Improved Drinking water by implementing State of art infrastructure for transporting regionally and exporting to different countries. Our Investment’s other key on look areas are on Industrial Water Treatment for Re-use in Residential, Commercial segments and Agricultural Irrigation. Ultra-purified water for Medical Pathology, Post Storm & Flood Water Management, Desalination of Seawater.

UAE evolved from destination of world class Tourism to World class Medical Tourism and hosting high-tech Medical Academic and Hospital Institutions throughout the country and intensively with in Health care city. Being pioneer in the MENA region UAE is in need of Investment and consistent supply chain of most advanced support service to maintain and improve the quality of Medical service. In parallel UAE augmented its Business and Banking success to world class Manufacturing and consume substantial water quantity for its multi-dimensional industrial corridor. Excessive used water management incurred cost for safety disposal with no end use. Similarly, UAE being the desert country encouraged by Governance commitment towards sustainable food supply, it introduced Horticulture and Agriculture in the desert sand with modern technology but with huge cost towards water supply for irrigation.  Qane Investment Research and Development team with its extensive research and commitment figured out strategically structured cost-effective solution. We brought the most sophisticate technology for Ultra-purification of water for Medical pathology and Industrial Water treatment for civil and commercial re-use and proudly shoulder the National commitment towards agriculture with New technology of “Irrigation with alternate source of recycled water”. Qane Investment committed to Quality and business ethics by adhering uncompromising sustainable water eco system and prioritize leaving phenomenally less carbon footprint. Our Investment are secured with those Water Technologies certified by WHO-World Health Organization and National Directorate of Agencies for Health in ME, Europe and Americas. Middle East and North African zone which will fall into Water stressed zone in immediate future and Qane Investment research recommends UAE be the Head Quarter for MENA being the most stable and transparent E-governance in place to address the water acute situation.

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