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It has multiple holdings under its aegis.

About us

Experienced, Patient Investing for Long-Term Goals.

Qane Holding is a leading holding company working around the globe, with several subsidiaries and companies under its aegis. Qane Holding is growing with the exceptionally rapid growth in its investment portfolio, It has built a distinguished reputation for itself among the world’s very-high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth investors. Its extraordinary achievements span multiple sectors, including oil & natural gas, import & export, arts and culture, education, water enterprises, healthcare, blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFT marketplace, and metaverse, among others.
This business heavily relies on the business acumen and market expertise of Faisal Ali Qane. At every step, expert handling of the operations is needed and Faisal Qane and his team provide the best services with its more than 20 subsidiaries.

Core Values

Qane’s portfolio has gained the traction of investors around the globe. The Company has operational expertise across a variety of sectors. This phenomenal increase in Holdings has made Qane a leading and most trusted entity by clients all over the world. From the beginning, Qane believed in employing the best technologies and challenged the traditional norms. The Company became a pioneer in adopting innovative business models and unique concepts spanning multiple sectors – Oil & Natural Gas, Import & Export, Arts and Culture, Education, Water Enterprises, Healthcare, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, NFT Marketplace, and Metaverse across the world.

Qane’s prime focus is to earn healthy returns from investing in risk-free businesses that offer an attractive Return on Investment (ROI). The Company envisages potential business opportunities and capitalizes on those to maximize returns. Over the years it has gained the trust of business clients through investments in the latest technology, preferring quality over quantity, and by ensuring transparency and efficiency in its business operations.

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