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Qane Holding

Qane Holding is a leading holding company working around the globe, with several subsidiaries and companies under its aegis. Qane Holding is growing with the exceptionally rapid growth in its investment portfolio, It has built a distinguished reputation for itself among the world’s very-high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth investors. Its extraordinary achievements span multiple sectors, including oil & natural gas, import & export, arts and culture, education, water enterprises, healthcare, blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFT marketplace, and metaverse, among others.

Qane Holding portfolio has gained the traction of investors around the globe. The Company has operational expertise across a variety of sectors. This phenomenal increase in Holdings has made Qane Holding a leading and most trusted entity by clients all over the world. Since the beginning, Qane Holding believed in employing the best technologies and challenged the traditional norms. The company became a pioneer in the adoption of innovative business models and unique concepts spanning multiple sectors.

Qane Coin

We are launching the QANE Coin, our cryptocurrency, that you can trade on the Qane blockchain. We’ve designed an environment that integrates a wide range of blockchain-based solutions, which allows clients worldwide to buy, trade, and earn in one place.

NFT Marketplace

Qane NFT Marketplace is a gateway where artists can showcase their content, and where collectors can participate in the sale of these assets.

What makes our marketplace stand out is that it’s connected to The Metaverse. Qane NFT Marketplace allows users to purchase NFTs of the most valuable painting, avatars, accessories, and cars to immerse themselves in their dream lives. Think of it as the unlimited mall of the Qane blockchain NFT. Users can even create virtual countries with NFTs!


Qane Holdings sustained the economic growth
and set an example for others in the industry.

The company wants to expand its operations in the future and is continuously engaged in diversifying its portfolio by constantly seeking investment avenues in the leading business sectors. It also believes in the enhancement of the commerce and trade interest along with engaging its strategic partners for business.

Qane Holding’s prime focus is to earn healthy returns from investing in risk-free businesses that offer an attractive Return on Investment (ROI). The Company envisages potential business opportunities and capitalizes on those to maximize returns. Over the years it has gained the trust of business clients through investments in the latest technology, preferring quality over quantity, and by ensuring transparency and efficiency in its business operations.

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